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Al Maun Fund

Mission Statement

Al Maun Fund (est. 2004) is a non-profit social service organization that provides assistance for basic needs, resource referrals and support to those who are experiencing short-term set backs. We are committed in aiding individuals and families undergoing hardships to regain self sufficiency, as well as helping neighborhoods through community projects.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a welcome alternative to those who may need a helping hand, while adhering to Islamic principles of giving. By actively extending small kindnesses in helping meet the needs of others, we hope our impact leads others to do the same. Our goal is to expand our services so we can offer a food pantry, increase the amount of monetary aid per request, and establish more programs that will aid in self-sufficiency for families.

Our Core Values

Sincerity is the foundation upon which our deeds rest. Clients feel comfortable expressing their needs, knowing we value confidentiality, respond in a timely fashion, and acknowledge and respect each individual's request. We are not just a resource for help, but we are also a encouraging and empathetic ear to those who come to us for assistance. We also believe in collaboration with other organizations, in order to best service the needy.