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Al Maun Fund


Would you like to help this website for the pleasure of Allaah? If you have any skills such as typing, research, marketing, can provide free or discount printing services, have clothing or other goods you can contribute to a needy person/family, then please become an Al-Maun helper.

Please do not be limited by what is mentioned above, if you have anything to donate of services or can gather resources in your location or elsewhere, please don't hesitate to share that information.

Are you a skilled, licensed professional?  If you have experience in any of the following fields;  as a physician, dentist, lawyer, seamtress, an electrician or a plumber, resume writeror any other field that you would like to volunteer your expertise to help a family in need from time to time, we would be grateful to hear from you.

Please submit a request to become a volunteer. We will contact you first with details of a request and to seek your permission before referring. After reviewing the request, you inform us whether you can personally assist or not or can offer another recommendation.


Your E-mail
Your Full Name
Your Nickname
City/State you live in
Telephone number
How many hours a week will you be available?
What is the best time to reach you by telephone?
What particular skills or training do you have that you feel will that will be helpful to Al-Maun?
Do you have any experience with non-profits, business management,human resource,business writing or accounting? If so,please list.
What social networking sites are you active on?
Please tell us a little about yourself
Would you be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement?
You must agree to upholding the confidentiality agreement upon volunteering. Upon your acceptance as a volunteer you will be required to sign said agreement
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