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Al Maun Fund is dedicated to providing a caring hand and outstanding service to clients during the entire application process. Read what those who have been helped have said, and share your own feedback.



Al Maun Fund helped my family receive immediate assistance. It was really hard for me to ask for this help, but we really needed it. After verifying my need and personal information they made a payment to my electric company. Their staff is warm and professional, Thank God I am really grateful for the help!


there was a time I was in need a medical treatment and I did not have the money to pay for the service . I need treatment for a cancerous issue . I was scared and did not have the means to pay for a visit with a Dr that specialized in natural treatment for my problem, Some suggested I ask the AL MAUN FUND for assistance. I did and was treated with respect and with care my privacy was guarded while my need was being verified. Dr was contacted by someone from the AL MAUN FUND with the payment for the care I needed. I was so thankful for the help, My Doctor was even impressed with the service it was the first time she had any experience with any fund that helps people in need in such a personal one on one basis. I am so grateful for what they did for me in my time of need and there are many other who have benefited from the Al Maun Fund.


I first learned about Al Maun Fund through an online network. When I found out about the one-to-one, grassroots, bootstrap help they give to single mothers and other disadvantaged families, I knew this was a place where every dollar I gave would go to its intended recipient, and that's important to me. I also feel strongly that since children of single mothers are especially at risk, this was an important cause. The fact that the Fund does not simply hand out cash, but gives aid 'in kind', like food baskets, help paying utility bills and doctor visit expenses, is proof that it's a worthwhile cause, as the money is going towards necessities, and is not just given away without controlling what it's spent on.


Al Maun Fund is a wonderful organization that helps the needy of the community in a variety of ways. I have found them to be very professional and compassionate in their efforts to help the community and would recommend that anyone looking to do a good deed, to consider helping them to help others. Truly, this is a global community and we all have to help each other and stand next to each other as human beings to life up and help those less fortunate then ourselves.


I have been donating to Al Maun Fund for some time now and i really have to say that it is the one that i really trust in that which they have taken the responsibility of helping others , which is no doubt one of the praiseworthy attributes that one can have, as there are many people who embark on the same mission but end up in a state of being too greedy or extravagant in spending on themselves. May they be rewarded the best for their excellent job. I will continue to donate for as long as God wills.


My experience with Maun is as a donor as well as a reference for someone in need of help. As for being a Maun donor, although my contributions were small I felt it was much appreciated by Maun staff. As for being a reference to someone seeking help, the staff was very professional over the phone in the verification of the needy person and they did receive the help that was needed; and for this I am grateful to Maun. Although, contributions may be small, the time and effort that is spent making sure requests are valid is appreciated by me as I know that the funds are going for legitimate needs. This is something that should not be overlooked. Thank you for allowing me this chance to share. All the best!


Al Maun Fund is a great not-for-profit organization that really connects the contributor with the actual people receiving the charity. Although you do not know the names of the people receiving the charity, Al Maun Fund provides you with their information. Therefore, giving the donor a glimpse into others lives and opening up their hearts by giving them whatever amount of money they could (literally). It is not ambiguous, nor grandiose. I love working for this charity because it's real and helps people like me, living the middle-class life, who sometimes needs to be reminded that there are others who are in need. They are not on top of your back for money nor do they ask for much. I would recommend this charity to anyone, and it is the only one that I contribute to :)

A donor

Asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah, Alhamdulillaah I thank Allaah subhannah wa ta'ala for this organization. I also thank Him for the dedicated people that work tirelessly to achieve such success in aiding the needs of so very many people. Thank you Al Maun Fund, you all assisted our family during a very difficult time. We are a large family and are often left unhelped however Al Maun did not hesitate to assist us in every way that they could and we are ever greatful for the services afforded to us. Please know that your work here is very unique and valuable. It is also done with respect and we never felt like we were second class citizens in the least. Again thank you and May Allaah strengthen the organization and reward those that perform such great work on its behalf as well as the donors. Aameen