Al Maun Fund


1) How do I know Al Maun Fund received my application?

A staff member will contact you by email or phone within 3-5 business days for your interview. If you do not hear from us within that time frame please email

2) What documents/proofs are needed to apply?

Generally you will always need to submit picture ID, proof of address,  proof of income (employment or other source) and verification of need. You may also have to supply other documentation specific to your case.

3) Where do I apply for assistance?

All requests for aid must be submitted on our website.  Click on application forms under" APPLY FOR HELP" for form. No applications will be taken by email, phone or on social networking sites.

4) How do I check the status of my application?

Once we have received your application and conducted your interview, you will be assigned a client number.  Example "cr.100".  Email us and reference your CR#. along with your questions.

5) What happens if I move or change phone numbers?

 Email and reference your CR#. along with your address update.

6) What if I no longer need assistance after applying?

Please communicate this information immediately to your assigned staff contact at Al Maun Fund, if you are no longer in need of services.

7) How often can I apply for assistance?

Applicants can apply only once a year.  If you are a return applicant, clients who have never been helped before take precedence. It also depends on fund availibility at time of request.

8) Do you ever deny assistance?

While Al Maun Fund strives to assist every family in need, our ability to award funds is dependent upon donations received. So yes, there will be times we are unable to offer aid.

Al Maun Fund does however offer resources and research/advocacy for individuals who we are unable to assist. You may also visit our online resource directory. 


9) Are there other resources where I can apply?

Yes. Resources vary by state but other agencies may be able to help with your specific need. Al Maun provides a small directory of these Social Services agencies and other useful resources on our Resource Directory page. If you know of any helpful agencies and/or links please submit a listing to info@almaunfund,org (requires approval).

10) How much money do you give?

Each case is reviewed on its own merits, and is contigent on fund availibility.